Our Story

Who are the Patricks?

Nate – was born in Estes Park, Colorado and grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a degree in Architectural Engineering and a degree in Environmental Design (also known as Architectural Design).  At CU he met Michelle, before taking part in the Walt Disney World College Program in Spring of 2003. On the College Program he worked as a Custodial Host in the Magic Kingdom. He enjoys the outdoors, movies, sports, theme parks (especially Disney), time with his family, but most of all talking about and with God. He and his amazing wife, Michelle, have been married since October 2003, and they have three fun-loving boys, Samuel, Elias, and Isaac, and one precious girl, Annabelle.

Michelle – grew up in Greeley, Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Vocal Performance degree. On her College Program in 2003 she worked as a “role hopper” or “rescue ranger” as they called it then, in Epcot where she was trained in quick service food, merchantainment, and crowd control/special events.  When not chasing around her three boys, Samuel, Elias, and Isaac while holding her girl Annabelle, you might find her enjoying a good book or some quality conversation. After their College Program together, Michelle and Nate were married in October 2003 and love opening their home to others for food, games, and having fun.

Samuel – was born in October of 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona. If you can catch Sam, you’ll probably find him playing board games or video games – which he loves, or playing with Legos, with his collection of Hot Wheels, riding his bike, or just living and loving life with a big smile on his face.  He’s enjoyed playing sports as well as showing some musical talents.  At school, he enjoys learning about science in order to pursue his dream of being a scientist someday, or maybe a movie maker with Disney, or maybe…  He has a very tender and caring heart that his mom and dad love seeing, and enjoys quality time with those he loves.

Elias – rushed into this world in May 2010 while the Patrick’s still lived in Phoenix, Arizona.  Eli is super creative and loves entertaining people from making movies, to learning magic tricks, or figuring out a way to get on TV or create a Youtube channel.  He really enjoys building Legos and Bionicles, and is quite a master builder – you should see some of the interesting creations he comes up with.  He is also very curious about how things work and likes to figure out how things do what they do.  Eli is such a loving guy that really enjoys making people smile and laugh, he is a joy.

Isaac – has been running full speed to catch his big brothers ever since he was born in September 2013 right here in Orlando, Florida.  After learning to walk at around 11 months old, Isaac has been full on trying to keep up with his brothers.  You will probably find Isaac playing right alongside his brothers or sister, since he loves being with others.  He has a great sense of humor and can surprise many with his comic wit.  Mommy and daddy really enjoy Isaac’s fun style and humor, he really makes them smile.  He is really growing in to a fun boy who really enjoys making friends.

Annabelle – we finally have a princess to join our 3 prince’s.  We welcomed Annabelle in August of 2016, born here in Orlando, Florida.  Annabelle’s smile brings much joy to our family, everyone just can’t help smiling right back at her.  She loves getting attention and being around people, she is already the life of any party.  Besides seeing the example of her older brothers, she has some spunk and adventure all on her own and is often seen climbing or adventuring and keeping Mom and Dad on their toes.  Mom, and dad, are excited to have some pink around the house now, and look forward to seeing this sweet girl grow.