Our Ministry

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality.”
~Walt Disney

Behind the magic, under the pixie dust there are thousands of cast members working behind the scenes at Walt Disney World (WDW), in fact WDW is basically like it’s own city.  It is actually located in the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) that was created so that WDW can be in it’s own jurisdiction, and as of the late 1990’s, this district made up an area of about 38.6 sq mi (100 sq km), about 2 times the size of Manhattan Island.  Employing close to 70,000 employees during it’s peak seasons it is the United State’s largest single-site employer.  It feels like a city with a main street, it’s own lingo, a College Program, and it’s own culture.

Just some of the countries represented at Disney.

Walt Disney World is a very diverse place as well, not even mentioning the guests that visit from literally every livable country in the world.  The Walt Disney World College and International Program is an internship that itself brings 12,000 people (between college aged and beyond college) from around 60 different countries to work at Disney each year.

No day is ever the same at WDW, with variable schedules that can change based on which holiday or special event is happening that day.  In the chaos, excitement, but yet sometimes monotony that can make up the life of a WDW Cast Member (what Disney Employees are called), it can appear that these Cast Member’s always have it put together, especially when they are doing a good job of keeping up the show while working.  But reality is, just like Walt himself said, these are all people that make WDW a reality, and they all are real like you and me.

When Jesus commanded his disciples to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations” we are amazed by the opportunity God has created right here at Disney, where all the nations come to seek happiness and escape from reality, or in the Cast Member’s case an opportunity.  We hope to point them continually to the only source of life and real joy, life in Jesus Christ.

We desire to see lives, communities and countries around the world forever changed through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.  If you would like to partner with our family as we serve here in Florida, you can click here to find our giving page.