Looking Back: Getting Engaged in the Magic Kingdom

Beautiful Valentine’s sunset…

I have decided to do a series of posts about our experience on the Disney College Program, and here’s the first one.

We’ll kick it off with a bang, showcasing probably the biggest and best experience of our time on the College Program…the night we got engaged 8 years ago this week!
It was Valentine’s Day.  We were both able to negotiate the day off with our managers (not an easy feat getting a holiday off, let alone both of us getting it off).  We started off the day attending a special “Cast Member Only” event on the history of the romance between Mickey and Minnie (we enjoyed attending these periodic sessions on Disney history when we could). It was neat to learn more about Walt’s vision of Mickey and Minnie.

Cinderella saying hi

In the afternoon we got all gussied up and headed to the Magic Kingdom to see the “We Share a Dream Come True” parade, which was my first time seeing that particular parade (Nate, on the other hand, had it practically memorized since he worked custodial in the Magic Kingdom).  Then we arrived at Cinderella’s Royal Table – the beautiful restaurant in the castle – for our dinner reservations.  Cinderella greeted us in the castle foyer, of course.  And we made our way to our table.

There’s the ring!

After a wonderful steak dinner, the waitress brought the dessert tray.  Only instead of dessert, there was a pillow holding a beautiful, intricate little golden coach.  Just then, Nate got down on one knee with the pillow, opened the golden coach to display the ring, and asked me to marry him.  I said yes, of course!

The people in the restaurant cheered as I said yes…

I felt like the true princess in the castle!
After dinner, Nate arranged for special VIP searing for the SpectroMagic parade (by far the best way to view a parade, by the way) followed by a private viewing of the fireworks from the top of the Skyway building in TomorrowLand (only certain managers have access to this area, and Nate’s custodial manager took us up there).  It was a beautiful evening filled with amazing memories that we will always treasure.
VIP Parade seating
Private fireworks viewing
Stay tuned for more snapshots of our Disney College Program experience in the coming weeks!

5 thoughts on “Looking Back: Getting Engaged in the Magic Kingdom

  1. KCina

    WOW>….just WOW…I had NO idea the HISTORY you guys have with Disney! This is SO awesome…seriously, to have Nate propose to you that way…super/duper cool!YEAH…so excited for you guys!~ Kathy

  2. ~michelle

    Thanks Sammi and Kathy for commenting! 🙂 Yes Kathy, we do have a history with Disney, which is why it is SO COOL that God is opening this opportunity for us. He is so generous to give us a ministry opportunity that is so close to our hearts and our experiences, and we believe we will be able to better minister to the students on the program because we have been in their shoes. We appreciate your excitement for us, and your prayers of course! 🙂

  3. Sarah

    I LOVED reading this story again. Engagement stories are awesome and the fact that you have the extra tie to Disney is pretty great. Love you sister!


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